Providing Educational services to children and adults in our communities

What We Do

We help improve the lives of adults and their families

After a number of years working with children in the public school system and in the community as a licensed social worker, I have discovered among other things that access to educaion and health care are two of the major issues for most disadvantaged families.  Parents underuse health care services because they lack adequate education thus resulting to all kinds of health issues.  Parents hqave little to no education so they work low paying jobs, children have no one at home to help with home work  which result to major academic struggle.  The children are been ridiculed, bullied and sometimes ostracized by their peers etc…

Considering the above issues and the high amount  of illieracy in disadvantaged families, children are failing in large propotions in the public schools.   We believe the best solution is to provide literacy education.  So we have decided to do our part by providing adult literacy classes and after school help for kids.   We are strongly convinced that sitting on the sideline watching these parents and their children’s dreams  vanish into nothingness does not only mean denying them of their share of the American dream but also endangering the future of the American society.

We have partnered with like minded people in the community to provide educational services that will help improve the lives of parents and their families in the Southwest Philadelphia area.


Your donations will help us serve the people we all care about.

Our Mission

Professionalism, dedication and quality service
Providing Educational Services To Children And Adults In Our Communities

We are very aware of how stressful it can be to walk around seeing billboads, signs and even restaurant menus and not be able to read them. We have made it our fcous to help everyone who comes through our doors to be able read and write English regardless of their background.

Adults are the bread winners for the home and they help to keep roof over our heads. So it is vital that they get the right tool to carry out their God given responsibilities. We believe that there is only one esential tool and that tool is literacy.

We are currently offering adult lieracy/ESL classes and we intend to add after school program for kids and GED classes.

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